Bath Truffle BadeFee Juicy Grapefruit

Art. Nr.: BT005FB-40g/370629


Bath Truffle BadeFee Juicy Grapefruit
Bade Patisserie Line with grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime
Use: For a pleasing full bath, add one bath truffle to the inflowing, warm water and wait until it has fully dissolved.

Free your mind and relax your body with the German bath products by Bade Feе. Your patisserie dreams reproduced into bath products – handmade of 100% natural ingredients, in small lots, only made in the own German factory. 

You may select from the abundant range of fragrances and natural ingredients, depending on the emotional condition or the skin type. Close the hard day into the relaxing bath-tub or enjoy the fascinating romantic aroma of roses under the shower.

Handmade bath creamers in the form of pralines, truffles, cubes, donuts, chocolates and cupcakes slowly melt in the warm water. Experience a relaxing and gentle cream bath that nourishes your skin with a base of cocoa and shea butter as well as rich natural oils.
Lovingly decorated with herbs, flowers and various other decorative elements, these precious bathing products are an everyday treat for your body and soul, while also providing for the prettiest decoration in your bathroom.

40 g