Coral Bath Sponge Croll & Denecke Premium

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Coral Bath Sponge Croll & Denecke Premium, Natural


 Natural sponges of Premium quality are rounded and beautiful with small regular pores


Natural sponges from Croll & Denecke – Treasures from the sea
Natural sponges are extremely resistant, have antibacterial properties and are exceptionally skin-friendly. For this reason they are also suitable for baby care and people with allergies.
Natural sponges can absorb 30 times their own weight in liquid and then release it with only slight pressure. Thanks to their channel structure, they clean themselves when rinsed with clear water several times.

Instructions for care: Please rinse your natural sponge with clear water after use and hang it up on a cord to dry. Remember that it consists of natural fibres, so don’t wring it or boil it! In the case of great accumulation of dirt, the sponge can be washed in the wool program setting at a maximum of 30° C in a washing machine.
Croll & Denecke wishes you lots of pleasure with your natural sponge!